The Power Of Thanksgiving

The Power Of Thanksgiving


TEXT: LUKE 17:11-19

In our world today, Thanksgiving is no longer evoke because men tend to live the life of ingratitude. Our generation today does not have regard for appreciation, we do not see life as a privilege.

-Appreciation makes you heal, gratitude makes you whole.
-If you're not grateful, you're a great fool.
-If you're not thankful, your tank will not be full.
-Your testimony is someone else's prayer point and your prayer point is someone else's testimony.
It's your level of understanding that makes you outstanding in life.

Nothing in life is permanent, everything is temporal, only God is permanent in life, every other thing is metaphysical.
If you do not appreciate where you are, God can not take you to the next level.
Counting from January till now, if not for the mercy of God, it would have been a different story, but because there's a God in heaven that watches over you, this God is worth appreciating, there's every reason for you to be grateful to God.

Life is a journey, not everyone is opportune to end their journey, so many has ended their journey halfway. Only those who understand the journey of life, understands life.

The spirit of Thanksgiving is the spirit of gratitude.
Everything started with God and everything ends with God.
Life is all about Jesus, if you're alive and you do not know Jesus, you're being ungrateful to God.
When you value material things more than Jesus, you're not showing gratitude to God.
You must learn to show appreciation, for if man was to be God, you would not live till today but because there's a God in heaven, who has preserved you till today.

When you make yourself a priority before God, you do not love God. God should come first in every aspect of your life.
Miracle should not be the reason you come to church but because you want to encounter God.


(Luke 17:11-19.)


1. God is not interested in quantity but in quality. It's not how far but how well.

One from the ten lepers Jesus healed did not wait till the end before he showed gratitude.
-Do not wait for 31st Dec/1st January to be grateful to God.
-When you thank God when you are on your way, you will arrive well.
-Do not wait for the end for you to be grateful, you have to start on your way to give gratitude to God.
-Procrastination is time wasting, tomorrow is the grave of lazy men, today's postponement is tomorrow's disappointment.
-Do not let the process complete before you start thanksgiving.

2. One of the ten lepers (A stranger) came back to show gratitude.

Familiarity makes you irresponsible, the moment you become too familiar with come, you cease good things from coming close to you.
-Familiarity rubs you of your testimony.
-Familiarity makes you lose your blessing.
-Familiarity deprives you of your Heavenly package.
It was a stranger that came back to say thank you Jesus.
Never you be familiar with God, see everything as a privilege.
Do not let familiarity murder your Thanksgiving.

3. Grateful people are not always in the majority, rather in the minority.

4. There are many reasons for you not to be grateful, but you must find one reason to be grateful.
Dare to be different from others, know the benefits of Thanksgiving.

5. The leper returned with a loud voice and glorified God.

6. Thanks giving brings you close to God.
You must not joke with what God has done for you.
The closer you get with God, the lesser chance you give to the devil.

You must live a life of GRATITUDE.



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