Where two roads meet - A battle between your past and present

Where two roads meet - A battle between your past and present

Maturity begins with a journey. You cannot choose where you are coming from, even as you can't choose who your parents are, or who your siblings are or even your village but you can a better family, a better future over your bad past, a better destiny over an ugly background or foundation. let your background not put your back on ground. If You didn't go to school or any formal education let your children go to school.

You can't choose how to start up but you can choose how to end up as the power of choice is in your hands and matters of destiny does not need compromise. God doesn't make choice for us, you make the choice and God gives approval.

You must be matured to face life, if you are not matured enough, the storms of life will swallow you. Tallness is not maturity. The first thing you need to succeed outside your father's house is maturity. The first thing that shows you are matured is RESPONSIBILITY. What makes you mature is the responsibility you carry. The name husband without a responsibility is a title. If you are a husband without a responsibility, you are a hunch back.

Two Roads That Matters In Your Life

Your father has done the best thing to give birth to you. Choose your destiny over mediocrity, Choose God over Satan Choose truth over lies, Choose loyalty over disloyalty, Choose humility over pride, Choose holiness over sin, Choose simplicity over complexity

Prefer to be good over to be right, Choose mercy over forgiveness. Choose hard work over laziness. Choose Anointing over annoying things, if you react to everything, you will die quick Choose reservation over exposure Choose discipline over freedom Not all freedom is freedom they are bondage in essence Choose excellence over mediocrity, mediocrity may handle it then, but you will spend more later.

If it's not best, it's not worth the time. Where two roads meets is the place of decision. Anything that concerns your future, you have to bury your past. Where you find yourself doesn't define who you are, it is not a permanent resistance, it's a temporal location. Moses saw his past and future fighting, Egyptian and Israelite, Moses killed the Egyptian who was his past.

Things To Do To Succeed


1. Bury your past: Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future. The greatest weapon of Satan is your past. Your past is full of mistake , battles, errors and issues (Isaiah 43:8) If you are looking for something in the past you must surely ask. Mistake does not define us but repeating your mistake tells who we truly are. Stop remembering your past, bury your past there's no glory in the past.


2. Watch out for monitoring Spirits: Everything around you can be someone's eyes, there are genuine people that check on you, but there are people who check up on you with wrong intention. Always beware of the intentions of the people monitoring you. A guided life is different from a matured life. How can you fall sick immediately you get paid.

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Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth

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